I never liked my URL name really. Digital Sarcasm, it’s so nauseating. I have to admit, I was in a bad place when I set up this blogsite. Now, I’ve done some thinking and decided to ditch this space for a new one, one that I actually kept for more than a year just for this day. My new blog site is now: TinaBytes.wordpress.com. Yeah, cheesier than ever, no? But I like it, the content will remain the same, I just feel like moving on to a better site, one that really reflects who I am as a person, ya know? I like it because the whole feel of the site is much more cheerful, like I got my groove back or something. I’m less angsty now so there’s no reason to stick to a blogsite that makes me look like a freakin’ teen. This one’s on a more playful side and it matches my twitter account’s profile page, hahaha! So cuuuuute!

So there. So long, Digital Sarcasm. It’s been great. Now move on to: http://tinabytes.wordpress.com/


About Tinakins

iWrite things.

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