First off, let me just say: PUTANGINA, ANG DAMI KONG GUSTONG BILHIN!!!

Yeah, I just want to let it all out. My wallet’s about to take a fucking beating as soon as November comes. Medyo nangingilabot nga ako sa mga ganap eh, hahahaha! As you can see, I’m not over my tablet obsession… or my constant obsessing about anything, for that matter. I plan to buy these bad boys soon. I’m posting this wishlist according to priority.

First off, the iPad mini. Granted, this is pretty much like Apple’s version of the Big Foot, it’s still an unofficial part of Apple iPad series but the rumor mill is abuzz with speculations. They expect this to be unveiled anytime next week. I’m guessing this will be around 18k here in PH and if such is the case, I shall get one as soon as it is available in the local Apple store.

This big guy right here is my Christmas gift for myself because I’ve been good all year and I deserve a freakin’ toy. I don’t want to buy the DS 3D XL version because 1) that’s what I’ll get my sister this Christmas and two, I don’t want a 3D game console. I just want one where I can play Cooking Mama 4 all day, ya know? Or manage my non-existent virtual City or whatever. I loff simulation games and though I have a PSP, I got tired of it after finishing Sims Castaway within a week and gave it to my little brother. The difference between PSP and this baby is the touch screen. It makes Cooking Mama and just about any game even funner. So yes, by December, I’ll buy two Nintendo game consoles, one for moi (in Pink DS XL) and one for my sister (DS 3D XL). Let’s just hope I don’t get tired of it right away because this ain’t exactly cheap. My sister, well, she’s a gamer and she specifically asked a DS for Christmas and I have very limited imagination when it comes to buying gifts so I said yes.

Update: She changed her mind and asked for DermaWand instead. She’s also encouraging me to re-think about buying a DS myself as I am set out to buy an iPad mini anyway. Will mull things over, lol.

I’ve been re-igniting old obsessions, the Polaroid, is just one of the many stuff I’ve been considering buying for a long time but somehow, my brain might’ve blocked this attempt since I already have a camera. But I love anything old school and Polaroid IS old skool. As a child, I wanted to own a Polaroid camera and now that they revamped the brand, I sorta want one again, especially this limited edition Hello Kitty Instax. My only issue with Polaroid is the unit still uses AA batteries rather than rechargeable li-ion batt. Le ugh. But I would totally buy this in a heartbeat! So cuuuuuuute!

And there you have it, my wish list for 2012! Let’s hope I get to buy at least two of the stuff listed here or else I’d be all sad and my wallet’s be all happy and shit.


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