So it’s no longer just about iPad VS Nexus on the tablet war. The biggest names in tech are set to duke it out this October. I know I said I’d love to get a Nexus but now that I got loads of equally great choices, I’m finding it hard to choose! I want to own an Android-based gadget simply because it’s flexible and I heard really great things about the Jelly Bean update. but the iPad mini with its all glass and metal alloy construction backed by a great App store, it’s hard to resist!



But software-wise, nothing beats old reliable, MS and the MS Surface is gorgeous! The only problem is, it’s not available in 7 inches which is what I need. I sorta know what I’ll get already (the iPad mini) but if Google ever comes up with an all glass and metal alloy tablet with fresh, Key Lime Pie update and at least 32GB internal memory, I’d be all over that shit like white on rice. Such exciting month, obviously, I can’t keep still!


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