Moving On To TinaBytes

I never liked my URL name really. Digital Sarcasm, it’s so nauseating. I have to admit, I was in a bad place when I set up this blogsite. Now, I’ve done some thinking and decided to ditch this space for a new one, one that I actually kept for more than a year just for this day. My new blog site is now: Yeah, cheesier than ever, no? But I like it, the content will remain the same, I just feel like moving on to a better site, one that really reflects who I am as a person, ya know? I like it because the whole feel of the site is much more cheerful, like I got my groove back or something. I’m less angsty now so there’s no reason to stick to a blogsite that makes me look like a freakin’ teen. This one’s on a more playful side and it matches my twitter account’s profile page, hahaha! So cuuuuute!

So there. So long, Digital Sarcasm. It’s been great. Now move on to:

DermaWand: Electrifying Results (Get It? Get It? Electrifying? Never Mind.)

First off, this is not a paid post though I wish it is, hahahaha!

So, my mom’s birthday is up this weekend and my sister and I decided to be creative with this year’s gift. After careful consideration and countless of hours spent walking aimlessly across Mega mall and Robinson’s Galleria, we decided to give her DermaWand. You know, those high tech thingamajigg that was all the rage in the late 90’s and early 2000. I was very skeptical about this buy, really but my sister convinced me after showing me a couple of YouTube videos of acne-ridden peeps with now glowing skin thanks to the device. So it can’t hurt. It’s only 3k after all. So we bought two, one for mom and another for my sister, my early Christmas gift.

We’ve been using this twice daily for more than a week now and as much as I don’t want to believe it actually works (mostly because of the seemingly unrealistic infomercials about it on HSN), I wake up to taut, silky smooth skin! Fine lines around my eyes are diminished and it refined the texture of my skin. It’s pretty awesome stuff. I’m blessed with clear skin so yes, I’m not prone to breaking out. However, I have severe cat allergy and living with a cat, I get allergic reaction at least twice per week and when my allergy’s acting up, I tend to rub my eyes very, very vigorously because they itch like a motherfucker. Years of rubbing my eyes resulted in very fine lines that might not be noticeable but up close, it’s there. Incredibly enough, using this for just a week pretty much improved my complexion so for really vain people like me, I’d say give this baby a try, you might be surprised at how well it works.

My sister claims it made her face less oily and brightened her skin tone. I did notice that her facial skin is much more translucent and fairer than usual. It’s a cool gadget 🙂